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Here are a few of our most recent testimonials to give you a real idea of what studying at Southbourne School is like.

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Mohammed – Saudi – 7th March 2014

My experience at Southbourne School of English has been amazing because I have met a lot of people from different places. Most of the teachers are really kind and very friendly, the accommodation system is perfect because they find a perfect house for you. In my case, I love living with my host family, they are really nice.

Southbourne School of English has a lot of parties and that is very nice, for example if you don’t know anyone they introduce you.

Here in Southbourne it is very nice because we are near to the beach. It’s a nice place to live for a while, I’ve been here for 9 months and all of the people who work here are really nice, especially in the reception, accommodation and the coordinators office.

مدرسة الساوث بورن رائعة جداً ويوجد بها كادر من المدرسين للغة الانجليزية عالي جداً

وأتمنى للجميع التوفيق

Bibiana – Argentinian

Constance & Bibiana new

It’s difficult to say which of these things is my favourite. I have been bringing students from Argentina to study English at Southbourne School of English for more than 20 years and for this reason my liaison with the school owners and the staff is very special.

I have seen the school grow and improve in all the possible aspects: infra-structure, comfort for students, technology, teaching methods, the quality of the host families and activities.

Nowadays the building offers the best facilities for achieving advanced teaching with latest technology, a team of trained teachers who give the best, taking into account students’ capacity and development.

The school is situated in a quiet neighbourhood close to the high street where students can find everything they need and in a perfect natural environment surrounded by cliffs, sandy beaches and parks. But probably the most important thing is the fact that all the host families are within walking distance, so the feeling one has as a group leader is that you are not far from the students.

The social programme is very varied from half day trips to full day excursions, for example cream tea in the the New Forest to organized trips to the continents. The school also arranges evening activities such as games, films and quizzes for the students to spend time together outside of school ours to interact socially and have fun.

Last but not least the management, staff and teachers make this experience a truly unforgettable one

With all my love

Jessica – Brazilian


Excellent location, next to all the essential services. The teachers were very considerate, the courses were very motivational to the students at all times.

The accommodation was comfortable, host families were very hospitable and provided a good stay for the students.

The social programme / activities provided by the school for the students, suggested things to do in the city and helped to arrange extra trips and activities with pleasure.

Reception staff were really solicitous by helping us with everything we needed.


Graciela – Argentinian

Graciela New

As a group leader who is a teacher by profession, I absolutely feel that the teachers’ here at Southbourne School are excellent. They have a calm, clear and professional teaching manner and are good with the students.

The courses are great! The teachers’ and the academic team are well aware of students’ abilities, keep a good record of their levels and make sure they are in the right class at all times to make certain they are taking full advantage of their time at the school.

The school is located in quiet residential area which is safe, close to the beach and the high street shops. We feel comfortable in the area and prefer this location to the centre of town.

I have been staying with the same host family for the last 10 years. I feel like they are my family, and to describe them as anything other than my family would not be right. The children Say I am their Argentinian Grandma and I am honoured to be called Grandma.

The social programme is very active and the school arranges a lot of activities for the students.

The staff are all wonderful, respectful and are good role models for the students.

Virginia – Spanish – 14th January 2014

Virginia New

My stay at Southbourne School of English has been great! I have received very good attention. The teachers are fabulous and very kind to me and the people in reception are exceptional. I received all the support I need and am looking forward to coming back next year. I would be delighted to recommend Southbourne School of English to all my friends.

Sandra and Sonia are the best, thanks to them I’m improving my English.

Tania Castro – Argentinian


The atmosphere of the school is absolutely friendly! It is well located in Southbourne, near the high street and there is a main bus route just outside the school.

The courses and the teachers are excellent. The placement test is accurate and we enjoyed every single class.

Classroom activities and homework were always well balanced. We met students from all around the world, in class, during the break, and during the excursions.

My host mother was really nice, we talked everyday while we had dinner, she would always recommend different places to go and things to do. None of us were too far from school.

Social programme was well organised. We participated in many of the activities and it was mainly due to these activities that we were able to make new friends and get to know each other.

People at the reception were always efficient. They would have an instant solution or idea for everything we asked for.

My regards to all the staff, it was an unforgettable experience for all of us, thank you!


Alexandra – German – 6th December 2013

Alexandra – German

My time at Southbourne School of English was great, I enjoyed every minute. Everybody was really nice and helpful.

I want to say thank you for the amazing 3 weeks! The time passed by so quickly.

The location of the school in Bournemouth is really good. Different restaurants, cafés and shops are just a 5 minutes’ walk away. Also the beach isn’t far away.

For me the course was very good, I learned a lot of useful things and I am sure that I improved my English in the last 3 weeks. A big thanks to Jane!

The atmosphere at the school is really good. At the moment there aren’t so many students  here and it’s relatively quiet. That’s good to learn more about the other students and their different cultures.

My host family was great. Such a nice and loving family! I was completely involved in their family life. It was a wonderful time and I will miss them!

I loved to go out with my new friends but I also appreciated the social activities organised by the school, like the games – night with Holly!

The people at the reception are really nice and helpful! Thanks for all your tips!

Fuyu – Japanese – 3rd December 2013

Fuyu New

My Experience at Southbourne School of English.

The school is located in Bournemouth, Southwest of England, so there is plenty of lovely sunshine. There is a nice beach, so we can enjoy the beautiful scenery all year round. Transport links are good, and there are a lot of shops, and it’s calm and safe. So Bournemouth is a good place to live in.

This school has a homelike atmosphere. I think Japanese people like this atmosphere, so it’s easy to become familiar with this school for Japanese students. In addition, this school accept student’s opinions and the students come from all over the world, so we can enjoy getting to know about many different cultures.

I was one of the students who was anxious about the home stay accommodation, but my host family was very kind to me, and everyone says “I have very nice host family.” During my stay I have never heard anything about a bad host family. I think that living with British people is a good way to improving English and learning about the country’s culture.

I think I chose the best school!

Joanne – Canadian – 14th September 2013

I’m leaving the UK after two weeks of English lessons at Southbourne School of English, Bournemouth. I feel these two weeks have gone too quickly as Friday is my last day at school. I will come to the office to express my sincere appreciation. In the meantime here is this is written testimonial from me.

I would like you to know how I enjoyed my stay and appreciated my English classes. The morning lessons allowed me to think and discuss about individual and social issues. Some of these discussions impacted me a lot (in a positive way). The afternoon lessons allowed me to practice the connected speech, my pronunciation and my writing English. It helped me to understand where I stand and what I can do to improve.

All the staff were cheerful and always had a positive attitude. The activities during the weekend were very appreciated. I have to say that I had selected your school because of the 50+ programme, even if I wasn’t a part of it. I knew that other “specimens of my specie” would be there, and effectively I had many good times with them.

I’m going back home with homework, I have a better understanding of what I have to do to improve my English.

Thank you for everything.

Acceptez mes sincères salutations,

Moritz – Austrian


The school is very well organised, really international with a central location in a lovely suburban area of Bournemouth. Good bus connection (infrastructure). All my students were really satisfied with the staff and their methods of teaching.

Our students stayed with host families who were nice.  We stayed at a B&B which was quite comfortable as well. The social programme was ok! All in all a lot of fun because of the activity staff.

Good help from everybody in the reception at any time

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My experience at Southbourne School of English has been amazing because I have met a lot of people from different…

Mohammed – Saudi – 7th March 2014

It’s difficult to say which of these things is my favourite. I have been bringing students from Argentina to study…

Bibiana – Argentinian

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