Students on Adult Courses


Mohammed – Saudi

The teachers are really kind and very friendly. Southbourne School of English has a lot of parties, so if you don’t know anyone they introduce you. Here in Southbourne it’s nice because we are near the beach. It’s a great place to live.

Virginia – Spanish

My stay at Southbourne School of English has been great! The teachers are fabulous and very kind. I would be delighted to recommend Southbourne School of English to all my friends.

Alexandra – German

The location of the school is really good. There are different restaurants, cafés and shops only 5 minutes’ walk away. Also the beach isn’t far away. The course was very good. I learned a lot of useful things and I am sure that I improved my English here. 

Victoria – Russian

My host family is really good. They are polite, communicative and help me in all situations if I needed it. The food was very tasty and my room was very tidy so I was happy.

Alena – Russian

I fell in love with Bournemouth. My Host Family is lovely! My host brother, Seb, taught me how to play the guitar and we had unforgettable time. I also enjoyed going shopping with my host-mum Michelle. Besides, I had a great experience as I lived with girls from Spain, Italy and Turkey.

Esteban – Swiss

The location is lovely and very quiet. You’re near the beach and the shops; you can go in some different restaurants for your lunch. The course is very good and you can learn grammar, writing and listening. The school runs a lot of activities, like visiting other cities and movie nights.

Fuyu – Japanese

I was one of the students who was anxious about the home stay accommodation, but my host family was very kind to me. During my stay, I think that living with British people is a good way to improving English and learning about the country’s culture. I think I chose the best school!

Lina – Russian

My trip was so amazing. I am on cloud nine! I had been dreaming about this trip all my life. My host family was friendly, easy-going, and sociable. I’ve spoken to them as much as possible. This trip left an unforgettable impression on me. I’m looking forward to coming back. 

Joanne – Canadian

I enjoyed my stay and liked my English classes. They allowed me to think and discuss about individual and social issues. Some of these discussions impacted me a lot (in a positive way). They also helped me to understand where I stand and what I can do to improve.

Stefano – Italian

The General course in the morning helped me to improve grammar rules. The thing I found most useful was the one-to-one lessons. My teacher was very professional, motivated and his method of teaching was really refreshing and inventive too.