Southbourne beach

There are many reasons to study at Southbourne School of English, here are 10 of the best reasons to begin your study abroad experience:

  1. Courses

    The school offers a wide variety of courses to suit any English level and classes are arranged according to each student’s level of English. Furthermore, classes are mixed by nationality to ensure the highest potential for students to improve their English.

  2. The location

    The main school is located in a quiet, safe, friendly residential area that is only 10 minutes’ walk from the local award winning Southbourne beach.

  3. Friendly staff

    Southbourne School of English is a third generation family run school that has been running since 1966, with friendly, professional teachers/staff. The registrar has worked at the school of over 40 years!

  4. Accreditations

    Accredited by the British Council, a member of Quality English, IALC and English UK.

  5. Nationality Mix

    The school has a fantastic nationality mix and students from over 50 nationalities study at the school every year.

  6. Home stay

    All of the home stay accommodation is within walking distance of the school. As well as this, hosts are checked to ensure the safety, comfort and happiness of every student.

  7. Facilities

    The school has lots of facilities available, including interactive smartboards in every classroom. Upstairs, there are also 10 computers and 110 seats in the large cafeteria. Furthermore, there are outdoor seating areas, Wi-Fi throughout the school and garden.

  8. Activities

    The social programme includes a variety of activities that cater to everyone and provide great options to students, so that there’s always an activity suited to them.

  9. Student care

    The school takes pride in caring for the students and that’s why there is a dedicated Student Welfare Officer. In addition to this, we have an emergency phone line available 24/7 for the safety of students and group leaders.

  10. School reputation

    The school has fantastic feedback and many returning students. As a result, the welcoming and friendly atmosphere has helped many students to make lifelong friends.

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