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Student Dress Code Policy

We ask that students are dressed suitably for a learning environment. We also ask that students think about the international environment in school. Clothes which show large amounts of body e.g. number 6 below may be perfectly acceptable in some countries but will make students from other countries feel very uncomfortable.

* Dress code for Minors (students under 18 years old)
We understand that many of our students are ‘on holiday’. However, we are a school and we expect that our students are appropriately dressed for a learning environment. This also protects minors in a mixed adult/minor environment.

Minors need to follow the student dress code policy below:

  1. Coats, bags, accessories and clothing should not have slogans of a sexual nature or swear
  2. Skirts/shorts which are very short and show parts of the body which are usually covered
    are not allowed
  3. T-shirts and blouses which are see-through are not allowed
  4. T-shirts, tops and blouses that are low cut are not allowed
  5. Low-rise/low slung jeans which show underwear or a student’s bottom are not
  6. Loose singlet vests which show large amounts of body are not allowed (see picture)
  7. Any clothes that show underwear


What will happen if a minor student is not dressed appropriately for school

  1. A member of staff will speak to one of the Designated Safeguarding Officers
  2. If clothes are not suitable for an international learning environment, the student will be
    asked to go home and change their clothes or supplied with appropriate clothing
  3. The Designated Safeguarding Officers will make minors aware of the risk of Child Sexual
    Exploitation if necessary


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