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More Adult Courses Testimonials

Annika and Linda – Swiss

Studying at Southbourne School of English was great! Lovely teachers, good place to learn. The school is  located close to the sea and the high street with all the shops and restaurant.

The courses are great, good books, a perfect place to do a real First Certificate Exam training course!

The accommodation was perfect, excellent food, lovely and friendly host family.

Nice social programme and activities, not too expensive and you are never bored!

The reception is well organised.


Imeda-s-100x100Imeda – Georgian

I am Imeda, from Georgia. It was my first visit to the UK, it is a great country. I have been at Southbourne School of English for 4 weeks. The school has the best teachers and this school is very good, I will miss all the lovely and friendly people. I hope to return there again. Thanks a lot everybody!!!


Houda-1-100x100Houda – Moroccan

Southbourne School of English for me is the best school for learning English language, the first time came to England I was only fourteen years old. It was my auntie’s idea, I was a bit shy, surprised because I couldn’t speak English. When I went back home, I realised that I understood many things. I was glad, and I told her I do want to come back again. From then on I used to come every single summer in July specially. I met a lot of people from all over the world, I spent the greatest time in Bournemouth, I have the best memories with all the staff who are warm, open minded and listening to the students, solving their problems and caring about them.

Honestly, the best way to learn a language is to go to the main country. For me it was an unforgettable experience. Bournemouth is small and easy to get to know, that is the beauty and the secret of this lovely Town.

English is spoken all over the world now, you need it for your studies, your work, travelling and for many other things.

I advice anyone who wants to learn and succeed to fight and reach their goal.


Jesus-2-100x100Jesus – Venezuelan

The school was excellent for me! It is my fourth time to come to Southbourne School of English, I have been studying here for two months now and I love it. The course is one of the best I have ever been on before, the classes are excellent and you learn a lot. The teachers and all the staff are so friendly and very helpful.

The location is perfect, you can enjoy all the beautiful places all around and only 10 minutes from the beach, absolutely fantastic. The accommodation as usual is great. My host family was like my real family and I felt at home.

The social programme and activities are very good, I enjoyed most of the trips in the summer arranged by the school. The trips were cheap and very informative.

I really recommend studying at Southbourne School of English, you will meet many people and make many close friends.


Indiana-100x100Indiana – Argentinian

Attending lessons at Southbourne School was one of the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I got to know not only things I had never heard of or read before, but I also learnt a lot of cultural tips and everyday language you can’t find in books! Teachers were very helpful and caring and classmates were simply great! I met people from all over the world and I still keep some friends from places I won’t be able to reach in my entire life…Thanks for opening the doors to knowledge and acquaintances. Thanks for letting us be part of your school.


Anna-100x100Anna – Austrian

I’ve had a really good time at this school and enjoyed my time there. As I was working as an Au-Pair in England I was only able to attend morning classes at school but for me this opportunity was perfect as my English has improved extremely and I’ve met loads of people from different countries all over the world.

I have to say that this school is good for every level of English you are able to speak and write, as the teachers can help you with every difficulty you have in learning English. You also get to know different accents of speaking English as for example people from France have a different style of speaking than people from Spain, but over time you can always understand them better.

The school itself is located quite well as you can find shops, restaurants and the sea only within a walk of 10 minutes. It is also near to Bournemouth, where you can do many things and meet new people as in this city there is a university and therefore you can meet many young people. The building of the school is nice; it is not too big and not too small – spot on. All in all it’s quite cosy as you get to know many new people and have absolutely no stress in learning English.

Another positive facility of this school is that there is a library and a language lab where you get the chance to improve your English. School is also offering movie-nights and quiz-nights where you can meet new people and have loads of fun. The weekend trips are good, you can spend time with nice people, speak English and explore beautiful sites of England.

Last but not least it should be said that all the teachers and the staff are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone!


Maria-Lucila-100x100Maria – Argentinian

I was at Southbourne School of English from 3rd – 31st of January 1997. I loved everything about Southbourne School from the first day.

I remember quite a modern school with a really friendly reception staff! Never let us alone and took good care of us.

The classes are interesting and informative, and the teachers are lovely. There are great moments at cafeteria with other students at lunch. You can also borrow books from the school library, definitely many things that make the course nicer, like watching movies or taking part in the quizzes which are a lot of fun. The trips and activities arranged by the school to London and the different cultural cities are an experience not to be missed.

I made lots of fantastic friends at the school! Friends who I have been in contact with for the last 15 years and hopefully will meet again one day!

I lived near the school, in a warm house! My host family was excellent, they were so friendly and patient with me. They gave me all the support I needed, helping and teaching me all the time!

I was on the upper intermediate course with people from many countries. The students were not allowed to speak their language in class, so we spoke English all the time! Great! Fantastic experience! Because I felt that I was learning faster and more. A unique experience!

I would like to say THANKS for the amazing time I had in England, in the school and with the family. I enjoyed every day. I felt really happy! Â I love Bournemouth, the people, the cafes and pubs where I spent lots of hours with my group.

Thank you very much for a lovely time, I felt at home! I hope I am able to come back again!


Javier-100x100Javier – Spanish

I like this School because it is quite modern; every class has heating or air conditioning. You can use internet in the Cafeteria or Wi-Fi, you can also borrow books from the school library – definitely many things that make the course nicer.

I like the variety of courses that you can choose from, I have been learning English in a small a group which is really good.

Studying here has been a good experience, I have met many young people from all over the world and I expect to visit them in their countries.

My host family has been very pleasant and friendly. They have made my stay comfortable in helping me with everything – also living just 5 minutes from the school.

I enjoyed the different activities and social programme during the week, such as watching movies or playing bingo, quizzes and I could visit different cities on the weekends that I didn’t with the school trips.

The reception staff are really friendly and if you don’t know anything about coaches, addresses – you only have to ask them and they will help you.


Clara-T-100x100Clara – French

Everybody from the school is really welcoming when I arrived 7 months ago, I was a little scared because I couldn’t speak English but finally all the teachers make you feel confident and comfortable. Making friends with people from the whole world is the most rewarding experience of my life.

I chose Bournemouth because I wanted to live near the sea and I was really lucky. The school is 10 minutes from the beach. Furthermore there is everything close to the school (bank, supermarket, pubs).

The courses are really interesting, each teacher adapts his/her behavior to all the levels. We spend time studying grammar but also have good time to play and learning at the same time.

Studying at Southbourne School of English is a great opportunity. The location is perfect and there is everything close to the school. If you are interested in learning English, you’ll learn quickly and will be impressed with your improvement.

I can’t find another word: PERFECT! – Very clean house, wonderful food, wonderful children. Everybody sounds happy and I think 99% of the families chosen by Southbourne School are really nice and will do their best for you.

The activities are really nice and the opportunity to go to different places and visit new town is really good. You can travel all around Britain and learn about the whole country and its culture.

People in the reception are really nice! They can help you with everything (school problems, family problems) but also for private things (train tickets) etc.


Katharina-100x100Katharina – Germany

I would like to say thank you for the amazing time I had in England. I enjoyed every day at school. The teachers were lovely and very helpful before, during and after the course lessons and I have the impression that I learned a lot in my 5 weeks at school. My fellow students became very close friends during my stay in Bournemouth and also afterwards.

I found it really nice that the school offered trips to different cities and sights. These trips have been fantastic cultural experiences and were very funny because you talked a lot with the other students.

I love Bournemouth, especially for its cafes, pubs and discos where I spent lots of hours with my new friends.

My host family was very lovely. They took care of me and I felt very comfortable in their home.
I can recommend Southbourne School of English because of its familiarity, friendliness and the caring people that make the school what it is: a place where I felt home and I always will definitely return to.


Jordan-2-100x100Jordan – French

Studying at Southbourne School of English was a great experience.

I’d like to come back again. I learned a lot and I’d like to spend more time here.

All the people here have been really kind and nice. Good quality of teaching, you’ll improve your English in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

The location is good because you can find everything near to the school including the lovely beach!

Personally, I believe that Southbourne School of English is an ideal place to study.

The host family was great, they helped me for my homework when it was necessary and helped me a lot to improve my English.

Thank you very much to the staff and to my host family.


Cintia-Belen-100x100Cintia – Argentinian

On the first day, the staff of Southbourne School of English received me, and the other students, with big smiles and in a very polite way. I’m really happy in the school!

I like the way our teachers treat us and teach us the subject matter. In my opinion, classes are very interesting, funny and, also, very good.

This place is so enjoyable… I like everything here and I’m so happy. I think it’s such a good opportunity!


Lucas-100x100Lucas – Brazilian

An exchange is the best way to learn a new language, especially when you are at a good school. Southbourne School of English is the best place for learning English; all the teachers are qualified and attentive with the students. It’s easier to learn when it’s done with pleasure; in the classroom we have conversations all the time about lots of different subjects.

The interesting thing is that when you aren’t in the school you are with your host family or around the city surrounded by English people you never stop talking in English. Not to mention that this is a unique experience, living in another country with a different language, a different culture and making new friends from all over the world.


Betina-Miretti.-100x100Betina – Argentinian

I have lived an incredible experience studying at the Southbourne School of English. I’ve never imagined finding such a warm and comfortable place with a wonderful and friendly staff always ready to help you.

The school is very well organized; the classrooms are all equipped with the latest technology. There’s also a lovely cafeteria where you can have some food while using the computers.

It is easy to get to the school as well as go to other places because there’s a bus stop just around the corner.

As regards the social programme, it offers a lot of activities such as films, bingo and well-organized excursions with competent tour guides.
I stay with a host family who are very kind and share a lot of things with me about their customs and culture; furthermore, they help me to improve my English.

Personally, I believe that Southbourne School of English is an ideal place to study, having a great time in a warm atmosphere and meeting people from all over the world.

Thanks a lot! I’d like to come back in the near future!


Vanna-100x100Vanna – Taiwanese

I have met many dedicated teachers and staff who are extremely friendly, they have been there to help whenever we needed it. The school provides students with many useful facilities, like an internet cafe, library and a language lab.

The location is a beautiful suburb area beside the sea. The weather is mostly sunny. I like it here. I have learnt a lot and if you need to learn more, there are afternoon classes as well.

I told my agent that it would be nice if the host family had a cat, of course I was joking, but surprisingly, they arranged it for and I had a good time with them.

The social programme is very good, there are tours and activities almost every weekend. The schedules were very good, the tour guides were professional. During the week, films are shown every Tuesday and Thursday, and quizzes or games are held routinely.

I like the school, they gave more than I expected. If I had the chance in the future, I would definitely come back again.


Jonas-and-Dinibel-100x100Dinibel & Jonas – Venezuelan

I’m sure this has been the best experience of my life, I could learn a lot of English (grammar, vocabulary, writing, listening, etc). All the people here have been really kind and nice. I’m sure that I’ll come back again (when I’ll have the money hahaha)… I love all my teachers and friends. It’s a nice memory for all my life.

Thanks for everything!!!




I like the school, I like my teachers, the staff, the classroom, everything. Excellent. The location was nice.

Southbourne School of English, the best! I’d like to come back again, I hope soon. I learned a lot and I’d like to spend more time here. I think that my host family is great.

I enjoyed all the activities, trips, field games, movies, beach games. If I could, I’d like to do it all again.


Diego-100x100Diego – Spanish

What I love about this school is the teachers. All of them are lovely!

I’ve been at the school for 3 years as a student and I enjoyed all the classes.

Studying at the school was very nice. I met people from many different countries all the time. The coastal location of the school reminded me of my own country and this made me feel at home.

We went on a variety of school trips and activities and learnt a lot about this area of England.


DSC_0025-100x100Ayaka – Japanese

The teachers are kind, friendly, and funny. If you know your weak point, you should ask the teachers and they’ll help you to improve it.

We can borrow books from the library, and the language lab is fantastic because there are many kinds of listening practice and there is a teacher called David who helps you.

The school offers many courses. I took an IELTS course, and it was really good for my exam.

I live with a host family. They are absolutely fantastic and hilarious. Also, they are very kind.

The school location is good. It is quiet, so we can study well and relax. It is also near the beach.

School trips are brilliant, and there are many good activities like volleyball and also there are films.

The school reception staff are all friendly and kind. After school sometimes I chat to them and when we have a question about a trip, or visa, or coach journey, they take care of us.


khalidKhalid – Saudi

Studying at Southbourne School of English was a great experience. I’ve learned a lot about the language and English culture. Besides that I’ve made really good friends.

Good quality of teaching, you’ll definitely improve your English in a friendly and familiar atmosphere. You’ll find helpful and nice teachers and staff. Up market technology in large and comfortable classrooms.

The school organise trips in weekends, so you have the opportunity to know a lot of cities around Bournemouth. In addition, in afternoons they have activities such as films and games. You’ll never feel bored!


CSC_0970-100x100Tawatchai – Thai

The school is very beautiful and tidy.

I have been studying here nearly one year so I have been taught by many teachers in this school. The teachers are very kind and have individual technique to teach me and make me understand easily. I can ask them any time when I have some questions.

I have been studying in intensive course so I have both morning and afternoon class. I have studied lots of grammar by following books in the morning and I could design and choose subject that I want to emphasise such as speaking or listening in the afternoon class.

I can walk from my host family’s house to school not more than ten minutes. Before coming to Bournemouth, I decided to stay with my host family only one month and move to stay in a shared flat. But I changed my mind when I stayed with my family because they are kind, generous and nice. My room is very tidy and cosy. I’m really happy with my host family.

School has many activities for students to participate. For example, a school tour with a teacher guide at the weekend I can travel with my multi-national friends. I can watch a movie every Tuesday and Thursday night at school and I can practise my English skills by myself in language laboratory after finishing school. It opens every Monday to Thursday.

I am very impressed with the receptionists such as Shaun, Chris, Jackie etc. They are willing to help me when I need some information or document. They are very friendly.

Thanks a lot.


DSC_0965-100x100Andreas – Swiss

I love the location, because it’s easy to reach. Bus station right around the corner. In a quiet residential area, restaurant and shops just about 5 minutes away by foot.

The classrooms are equipped with the newest technology, there is a good cafeteria with friendly staff and a computer room for the students!

You can choose from a large range of courses from starter to advanced. Furthermore, there are a lot of exam courses.

I love to study here there are so many students from different country. The teachers provide a warm environment and varied lessons so that it won’t get boring.

The reception staff told me to write that they are terrible but I can’t agree with that statement. If you need anything just ask, they’ll try everything to help you. They are always friendly.

I’ll be back :p



Hayat – Saudi

The school location is good. It is near the beach and the bus station. The courses are very good and I make friends and talk to many people. My favourite teachers are Mike and Ami.

The reception is very nice and friendly.



Vincenzo – Italian

I’ve been here for such a long time now, nearly ten months, and I really enjoyed studying in this school. I’ve had the fortune to study with most of the teachers and honestly, they have good quality and they’ve been very available with me. Everyone has taught me something that I will never forget. As per the reception is concerned, they have been lovely and sensitive. I’m gonna miss Enlgand and this school as well. I really don’t want to go back to Rome. I hope I’ll see you again in my life.

That’s all for the moment. Best wishes everyone.

Ciao ciao x


safiye-100x100Safiye – Turkish

The school is beautiful, clean, and friendly. It is peaceful here, and very safe.

The teachers are very nice and really helpful to us.

I’m happy with my host family. They are friendly and are very helpful too.
The reception is perfect. 🙂



Ana – Venezuelan

The school is great. There is a lot of equipment and many things to continue learning and practicing English. The location is good because almost everything is nearby to the school including the lovely beach! The lessons are very interesting and the teachers explain everything very well. Studying at Southbourne School is awesome because you learn a new language and meet people from other countries.

My host family is also really nice, friendly and attentive.

I love it here 🙂

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