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Agents and Group Leaders


The courses are great! The academic team are well aware of students’ abilities and make sure they are in the right class at all times. We feel comfortable in the area and prefer this location to the centre of town. I have been staying with the same host family for the last 10 years. I feel like they are my family.


Over the last twenty years, the school has improved lots of ways: in the comfort for students, technology, teaching methods, the quality of the host families and activities. The school sits in a quiet neighbourhood close to the high street where students can find everything they need. It’s also in a perfect environment surrounded by cliffs, beaches and parks.


It was nice to see the new expansion to the school’s cafeteria and office. I am very pleased with the efforts of the school in constantly improving its facilities and providing a good educational environment which is fun for the students to learn and develop themselves.

The course is good and the students are happy and enjoy their classes, the host families are kind and caring, the social programme is well organized and all the school staff are very helpful and accommodating.

I would like to show our appreciation to the school and say well done!

Julia and Borja

We like the way the school puts the students in the correct level after taking a test on the first day. We are really pleased with this and think it is the best way. The classrooms are very nice and modern. The school location is excellent and very close to the students host families.

It’s a great experience for the students to meet people from all over the world and to become more internationally aware. The host families are very nice and look after the students.
The activities are very enjoyable because every day the students have many things to do.

All the staff are very kind and are always taking care of us if there is a problem or we need anything they are there to help.


As a group leader I’ve always felt a little apprehensive when planning a study holiday but I am very pleased to say our experience at Southbourne School of English has turned out to be a successful one.

From the very beginning to the last day we enjoyed a warm welcome, stayed with caring host families, received high-level course, surrounded by charming setting and the icing on the cake, sunny weather. The staff is extremely kind and friendly (my special thanks to Mandy for being so patient) and it’s amazing how my students have improved in such a short time.

Thanks a lot to you all, we definitely will be back next year!


This is my second stay at the school as a Group Leader. Normally I don’t choose the same place to stay in Great Britain but this time I did not hesitate in choosing where to go. Everything about the school and the town is really nice, perfectly organized including the staff, teaching, school equipment, reception and accommodation.

The school is located within reach of all the basic points of the town and there are mini buses and coaches at your disposal to be taken to the extra curriculum activity – which is very convenient. As for mentioning the activities they are numerous and various.

I’d like to say some special words about the host family I stayed with. They are Jean and Geoff Lucas who are in my opinion a true example of an English family keeping the traditions of their country. We didn’t have the same dish twice for the whole period of staying with them. The house is shiny, their amiableness is charming. The students have the highest opinion of the teachers and teaching method. They keep saying that they wish they had the same teachers in their own country.

And I can endlessly keep saying praising words about the school and all the staff members.

Reception members have always been superb. Thanks a lot, we are really happy with you.

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