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no-picRobert – Swiss

Southbourne School of English has been my choice of English schools for me and groups of around 35 students for over 10 years. The 2 weeks intensive course are an ideal preparation for Cambridge FCE exams.

What I appreciate most is the school principal’s professional attitude. It is very easy to organise tailor-made programs with her that suit our purposes perfectly. Any wishes that come up during the stay are taken care of in a professional way and dealt with to our complete satisfaction.

The teachers at Southbourne School do a very good job. They are friendly to the students but also challenge them to achieve good results.

The secretarial office, the people taking care of host families, the social programme manager are all very efficient and deal with any questions or problems in a friendly atmosphere.

The town of Southbourne is ideal. It has the touch of countryside with all its advantages, but is also near Bournemouth, a big, modern, international town.

All in all, Southbourne School of English offers a very friendly, family-like atmosphere with excellent possibilities to improve your English language skills.

I can highly recommend it.



Elisabeth – Swiss

Bright, friendly classrooms with modern equipment and very competent teachers. Excellent location!

Studying at Southbourne School was a positive experience. The teachers are interested in the success of their students. My students have improved a lot!

Accommodation all in walking distance, great! The students are very happy with their families.

Social programme and activities are well organised a pity that not more students are interested in film/quiz nights (Elisabeth’s students were focused on their exams – Abdi).

Reception: friendly, helpful and competent.


Alejandro-web-100x100Alejandro – Colombian

The School is excellent, well organised and located in a very comfortable and lovely place. All the classrooms are fitted with state of the art interactive white boards, an internet cafe is provided free of charge for students and group leaders.

The course and material used are good, the teachers are kind and professional. Studying at the school has been a great experience.

Great activities are arranged for the children and teenagers to lots of different places. Our accommodation with host families was comfortable and they were very nice to us.

Everybody in reception is kind and lovely.



Cristian – Spanish

The Southbourne School of English provides students with a great environment to study and is equipped with all modern facilities needed to learn and improve their English. Southbourne is a great place, it is safe and a really nice area to live and study, and just 10 minutes walk from the beach and minutes 20 by bus from the centre.

Good English courses with quality English lessons and excellent value for money. The students have the opportunity to improve their English with highly qualified and friendly teachers. It is a great idea to live local host families. Our students are always happy with the host families who are kind to the students. In addition it is a wonderful way to learn more about British culture.

The social and activity staff do a great job giving the students the chance to take part activities and to visit places of interest. The reception team are efficient and kind, they are always there to help every time you need something.



Guillaume – French

The School is great, very clean and nice. Classrooms are modern and well-equipped, and it was good to have some benches to relax outside at lunchtime when it’s sunny.

The location is very nice, very safe, and safety is definitely important for kids’ holidays. It’s a family holiday resort, so the beaches are very teenagers-friendly. Having the sea close is a real pleasure (sunbathing, sports,..), all shops and services are within 10mn walk.

Course is taught by very professional teachers who found many interesting things to teach to all my different students. A test is taken on the first day and everyone is in a class of his/her level. All problems or enquiries were very professionally answered and explained by the teaching team.
Studying at Southbourne School of English, I think was a fantastic opportunity for our young students to study in an international environment with kids of their age from various different nationalities. My students made strong relationships with children from various country of the world and are delighted by that. Hopefully they’ll meet again!

The host families welcomed us and were all very friendly and very nice and tried to make us have the best stay possible. They communicated with the students, respected their freedoms but also had them respecting the rules and curfew as well. Staying with host family is the best way to practice English in an English-speaking environment and learn about England which is definitely great!

The Social Program is varied and different activities are suggested every day. Various trips are organised throughout the country (Stonehenge, London, Winchester…) which is good for cultural discovery.

The reception team is great, they manage to be very friendly and put you at ease at first sight but in the same time are extremely professional and competent and will solve problems very quickly! Thanks!

Generally speaking, I think everyone has had a good time at the School, and they obviously all improved their language skills, which is the aim of their stay! But they also made friends, met a new family, learnt some theory, and breathed some fresh air… Good holidays indeed!


Anna-web-100x100Anna – Russia

Our Russian group spent 4 weeks at Southbourne School of English. Time went very quickly there. Unfortunately we were not very lucky with the weather but there was still so much to do and see in Bournemouth. The school is in an excellent location. The area is safe for the children, the sea is just a few minutes walk from the school and there are lots of cheap shops and cafes around. It’s also very easy to get to the city centre by bus. All the host families with whom my kids lived were a short walking distance from the school. All the children were happy with their host families.

Activities were very well organised. We went to so many different places at the weekends like London, Oxford, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Bath, and Thorpe Park. On weekdays we went swimming, played tennis, went shopping, played field games etc. I think that the activity department works really really hard. A big thank you to Jasmin and Ashleigh for all their help with the activities.

All staff in the school were very helpful. Thank you very much for all your hard work. We really enjoyed staying in Southbourne!



Pietro and Paola – Italian

Southbourne School of English is nice and clean with excellent facilities and equipment, and located in a quiet and safe area. The courses are engaging and pleasant and all the students placed in the right level.

The accommodation is lovely and near the school. Friendly and caring families, the food much appreciated.

The programme is interesting with a wide range of social activities arranged for the students. The reception staff always efficient and ready to lend a hand.


Marlene-web-100x100Marlene – French

The school is well located and within easy reach to most places. Close to the beach, families are within walking distance.

Students are always happy with the course and their teachers.

The activity staff are very friendly and the social programme varied variety is great when weather allows it.

The reception staff are always available and helpful. Super smiley!

My group has not left yet but they are already talking and making plans to come back next year. So I am pleased.


Tanzilia-New-00-100x100Tanzilia – Russian

This is my second stay at the school as a Group Leader. Normally I don’t choose the same place to stay in Great Britain but this time I did not hesitate in choosing where to go. Everything about the school and the town is really nice, perfectly organized including the staff, teaching, school equipment, reception and accommodation.

The school is located within reach of all the basic points of the town and there are mini buses and coaches at your disposal to be taken to the extra curriculum activity – which is very convenient. As for mentioning the activities they are numerous and various.

I’d like to say some special words about the host family I stayed with. They are Jean and Geoff Lucas who are in my opinion a true example of an English family keeping the traditions of their country. We didn’t have the same dish twice for the whole period of staying with them. The house is shiny, their amiableness is charming. The students have the highest opinion of the teachers and teaching method. They keep saying that they wish they had the same teachers in their own country.

And I can endlessly keep saying praising words about the school and all the staff members.

Reception members have always been superb. Thanks a lot, we are really happy with you.



Giuseppina – Italian

As a group leader I’ve always felt a little apprehensive when planning a study holiday but I am very pleased to say our experience at Southbourne School of English has turned out to be a successful one.

From the very beginning to the last day we enjoyed a warm welcome, stayed with caring host families, received high-level course, surrounded by charming setting and the icing on the cake, sunny weather. The staff is extremely kind and friendly (my special thanks to Mandy for being so patient) and it’s amazing how my students have improved in such a short time.

Thanks a lot to you all, we definitely will be back next year!


Julia-Borja-xxx-100x100Julia and Borja – Spanish

We like the way the school puts the students in the correct level after taking a test on the first day. We are really pleased with this and think it is the best way. The classrooms are very nice and modern. The school location is excellent and very close to the students’ host families.

It’s a great experience for the students to meet people from all over the world and to become more internationally aware. The host families are very nice and look after the students.

The activities are very enjoyable because every day the students have many things to do.

All the staff are very kind and are always taking care of us if there is a problem or we need anything they are there to help.


Onwadee-New-100x100Onwadee –  Thai

It was nice to see the new expansion to the school’s cafeteria and office. I am very pleased with the efforts of the school in constantly improving its facilities and providing a good educational environment which is fun for the students to learn and develop themselves.

The course is good and the students are happy and enjoy their classes, the host families are kind and caring, the social programme is well organized and all the school staff are very helpful and accommodating.

I would like to show our appreciation to the school and say well done!


Chase-100x100Chase – Taiwanese

We work with recognized English Language Schools throughout the whole of the UK.

Southbourne School of English is one of the more popular schools in the South England for our clients. We are very proud to represent the school throughout Taiwan.

We have worked with Southbourne School of English since 2002, the school is one of the best choices for students who want to go to Bournemouth and receive good quality English lessons and excellent value for money.


Carla-100x100Carla – Italian

I am proud to represent Southbourne School of English in Italy, because it is a very good value school. I have been working with Southbourne School of English for over 30 years, and it has never disappointed any of the students, Juniors or adults, individuals or groups.

Southbourne School of English is the school I recommend to friends when they ask for advice, because I know that the teachers are top quality and the families are friendly and reliable. Southbourne School of English is the promise of quality English, extremely high quality.


Adriana-100x100Adriana – Argentinian

At the Southbourne School of English students are given the opportunity to develop their language skills in a personalised teaching – learning environment, with highly qualified and very friendly teachers. Moreover, students are able to experience the English lifestyle, living with local host families, carefully selected by the efficient school staff.


LeonorLeonor – Venezuelan

We have been sending students to Southbourne School of English for the last decade and it has always been a rewarding experience for our agency as well as for all our students. They report a dramatic improvement in their level of English, and enjoy the warm care and professionalism of staff and teachers. They all come back with many happy memories of their time at Southbourne and some of them have become regulars for the Summer period. We would highly recommend this school.



Sonia – Spanish

My name is Sonia Scriven and I have been an English teacher in Spain for many years. I have been bringing groups of students from Spanish schools to the Southbourne School year after year.

Most of the schools that I work with send their groups many times, as they know that these young students are in good hands and make progress with their English. The new classrooms which were added early in 2010 are excellent.

Many adult students also return year after year. I can thoroughly recommend it.



Riad – Syrian

We have been working with SSE for over twenty years now. We rank SSE as among the top and best schools for teaching English in the UK. The school offers a very high quality of courses and teaching materials. The atmosphere is friendly with the students feeling as in a family, the staff very cooperative, professional, well qualified and very helpful. In case a student meets any problem, which is very rare, they are there to help immediately even during weekends. The location is nice being close to the sea and nature. The weather is great. Activities are numerous offering a big opportunity for our students for travelling around to see the beauty of England. The well chosen host families are very near to the school and they are helpful, welcoming, and do their best to comfort the students and look after them.

Cost-wise Southbourne School of English is not considered very expensive taking into consideration level of services, quality of teaching and excellent friendly host families.


Aicha-100x100Lalla – Moroccan

I have known the school for many years, my three nieces have attended courses. Now two of them have childeren and we hope that they will also be able to attend some courses, one of them is already almost old enough. The staff and teachers are very efficient and kind, and quick to solve problems, I would advise any one who wants to study English to go to Southbourne School of English because really he or she will feel at home there.

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