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10 Reasons Why Learning English in the UK is Great!

The reasons behind people learning English can vary from person to person, however, doing it in the UK can be the best way to do it! Here are a list of reasons why learning English in the UK is fun and effective:

  1. You learn about the culture, not just the language! We pride ourselves on a totally English experience here in Southbourne, therefore excursions to traditional cities and nearby towns provide exactly that!
  2. We offer education to a huge age range! – from next year we’ll be offering our courses to 9 year old individuals and above (currently ages 9 and 10 have to be in a group). This means we offer a great variety of courses for all!
  3. Accents and regional words – when you’re in England you don’t just learn the national words, you also learn fun idioms and phrases from the region you’re studying that extends your knowledge of English even further!
  4. Knowledge is power – when you learn English you open up doors for yourself for further education and career paths that may need an English qualification!
  5. Quality assured – accreditations assure that you will receive the best education on offer in England. Here at Southbourne School of English, we are accredited by the highly credible likes of English UK, British Council, Quality English and many more!
  6. Meet new people from all over the world! – coming to England is a great opportunity to meet lifelong friends and create incredible memories to take home.
  7. Education = Holiday – not only is coming to England to study an effective way to learn the language, but it’s also a vacation too! You can sightsee in places like London, Bath and Oxford – as well as going on fun excursions to waterparks, rollercoaster parks and many more!
  8. Goldilocks courses! – we offer numerous different courses, this means that you can find the best course to suit you!
  9. Hear it, speak it, read it, learn it! – when you’re in England, it means everyone is speaking it, writing in it, reading, etc. and when you’re exposed to it regularly you will pick it up faster than you can say Southbourne School of English!
  10. It’s where the English language was born! – So where better to learn it?

If you’re looking for courses in the UK, then check the courses area of our website and come study at Southbourne School of English!

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