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12 Commonly Used British Colloquialisms

Here are some great examples of commonly used British colloquialisms/slang that are used all over England:

Chuffed – Proud
“He was chuffed to win the race.”

Fortnight – 2 weeks
“I will see you in a fortnight.”

Tad – a little bit
“She was just a tad smaller than her friend.”

Chap – Male or friend
“He is a nice chap.”

Ace – Cool
“That trick was ace!”

Mate – friend
“They were best mates since they were young.”

Barmy – crazy
“He’s absolutely barmy!”

Lost the plot – to become irrational/act ridiculously
“He has completely lost the plot.

Cheers – Thank you
“That was great, cheers!”

Skive – when someone doesn’t turn up for work by pretending to be ill
“He tried to skive work, but the manager caught him.”

Rubbish – refuse/waste, or when something is of low quality
Refuse/waste: “Throw the rubbish out.”
Low quality: “That football match was rubbish!”

Chin wag – to have a chat/talk with someone
“So we met up and had a good chin wag.”

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