My internship at Southbourne School of English - Southbourne School of English, Bournemouth
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My internship at Southbourne School of English

My name is Felix and I’m 21 years old. I am from Germany and I currently do an internship at “Southbourne School of English”.


In Germany I do an apprenticeship as administrative assistant in a council administration. I have to deal with different laws and deal with different enquiries the inhabitants have.

I currently stay with a host family in Bournemouth. Living here is pretty much different to living in Germany. Everything starts with communication. Back in Germany you won’t be asked if you could please do something. In Germany you get advised to do something. But of course we can be friendly as well.
Communication is not the only thing that is different to Germany. The whole landscape in and around Bournemouth/Southbourne reminds me of novels written by famous authors with green shires and hills.
I am from the near of Hamburg and I am only used to flat shires where you have a view of about 15 kilometres and you can just see the next village.

The atmosphere in Bournemouth / Southbourne is very nice. If you just enter a pub the people immediately start a conversation and they just want to know everything about you. You just feel welcome in the moment you arrive.

I really enjoy the nightlife in Bournemouth. There are so many different locations you can spend the most of your money and have a really good time. If you like pubs, go there. If you like going into a pub which turns into a club, just go there. If you want to go into a club which used to be a church (!) just spend your time there. If you just want to relax go to the beach and have a nice time there, with a length of 7 miles you should find a place.

When I heard that I will work in an administration office in a language school I thought: “How should I ever survive this? I’ve never spoken to real English people.”
But when I came into the office and introduced myself to Sonia, because I did not know who the principal is, I immediately felt very welcome. She was just so happy about me being here and then the principal just came over to introduce herself, a very lovely person by the way.
Then Abdi just showed me around, introduced me to the whole team and I felt so comfortable that it was clear for me that I don’t really want to leave and that these three weeks of my stay will pass too fast. And it actually did.
The team spirit is very special in here.
The whole team is just so professional. When I heard the first couple of students speaking in English with me I wouldn’t think that they are from a foreign country and that just mirrors the great work that is done in this school.

I would totally recommend this school to everyone who wants to learn proper English and how to speak in a proper way.
The work that is done inside this building is just awesome!


This was written by Felix, one of our interns from Germany – all of the views expressed in this post are his and were written in his own words. 

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