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New Year, new language. 12 tips for 12 months on improving English

The New Year is here, 2018 is the time for you to improve your English! Whether you are elementary or even proficient – there are always ways to improve, we have put some of our favourite tips together for you to follow, 12 tips for the 12 months of 2018!

  1. Practise your English speaking with friends – have an English only trip to a café once a month, for example.
  2. Use internet websites to practise grammar and vocabulary. is good practise if you are taking a Cambridge exam and BBC Learning English ( has some great material to help you stay up-to-date.
  3. Visit or return to the UK: studying in England means you are always exposed to English, this is arguably the fastest and most efficient way of learning.  (And it would mean that we would see you again, so that’s a bonus!)
  4. Read in English: it’s easy to buy magazines and books in many countries. Or use the internet: reading will increase your vocabulary and it’s amazing how much grammar you can pick up that way, without the pain of doing exercises!
  5. Listen to podcasts: if your friends are busy and there are no English speakers available, you can always use English-speaking podcasts to improve your English listening. Check out the TED Talks at
  6. Watch films in English.  At first, you might want to use subtitles, but have the courage to try without from time to time!
  7. Sing along to English songs: it’s a great way to work on your pronunciation, rhythm and intonation.
  8. To practise writing, join in a discussion at Dave’s ESL Café:
  9. Be a good penpal: keep in touch with the people you have met in England.  Make sure you write to each other regularly either by e-mail or instant message like WhatsApp.
  10. Keep a diary in English: it’s a good way to keep secrets from non-English speakers and will help you to keep your language from going rusty!
  11. Why not throw an English Party?  The music is all in English, people dress up as characters from Britain or British literature and everybody speaks English as much as possible.  (You can provide a sheet with simple phrases for anybody who can’t speak English yet!)
  12. Follow the Southbourne School of English Facebook page, Twitter and Blog.


Credit to: Alison McBain – Assistant Director of Studies, Joshua Garner – Multi Media and Marketing Assistant

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