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Valentine’s Day – Origins and how we celebrate it

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February, where couples and admirers exchange flowers, gifts and chocolates to show their love for each other. But where does this day come from?

The origins of Valentine’s Day are a mysterious one, we know that February has been celebrated as a month of romance for many years and has ties to Christian and ancient Roman traditions. The Catholic Church recognises at least three different saints named Valentine, all of who have different tales behind their name – one tale tells of an imprisoned Valentine who sent the first “valentine” greeting to his prison guards daughter, before his death he wrote a letter that was signed “From your Valentine” and this expression is still used to this day in Valentines cards.

How do we celebrate it?

In the UK, we often celebrate Valentine’s Day by offering gifts and flowers (typically red roses) and writing intimate cards to loved ones, spending time with them and having a likeness to the Saints and their romantic ways!

Write to your Valentine!

This Valentine’s Day buy a gift and write something nice in a card to someone you like, sign it “From your Valentine”, ask someone else to give it to them and see if they can guess who it is from!

Popular gifts to buy on Valentine’s Day!

1. Flowers – normally red roses

2. Chocolates

3. Perfume/Aftershave

4. Jewellery

5. Champagne

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