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10 reasons to study at Southbourne School of English

  1. Courses

We offer a wide variety of courses to suit any English level. Our classes are arranged according to each student’s level of English.

  1. The location

Our main school is located in a safe, friendly residential area, only 10 minutes’ walk from the local award winning Southbourne beach. Students feel safe in our typical English suburb. Dorset is also home to the beautiful Jurassic Coast World Heritage site.

  1. Friendly staff

Southbourne School of English is a third generation family run school with friendly and professional teachers and staff – some who have worked with us for over 40 years!

  1. Accreditations

We are accredited by the British Council. We are also a member of Quality English and English UK.

  1. Nationality Mix

Our school has a fantastic nationality mix, we welcome students from over 50 countries each year.

  1. Host families

All of our host families are within walking distance of the school. They are also checked to ensure the safety, comfort and happiness of every student.

  1. Facilities

We have lots of facilities available at the school, including interactive smartboards in every classroom, 10 computers in our large cafeteria, outdoor seating areas and Wi-Fi throughout the school and garden.

  1. Activities

Our social programme includes a variety of activities that cater to everyone. We provide options to students, so that they can choose what activity they would like to do.

  1. Student care

We take pride in caring for our students, that’s why we have a dedicated Student Welfare Officer and an emergency phone line is available 24/7 for your safety and security.

  1. School reputation

We have fantastic feedback and many returning students, some who have met lifelong friends at Southbourne School of English. See our Facebook and Instagram pages.

FlyWire – an easier way to pay

FlyWire – an easier way to pay

At Southbourne School of English we are always looking to make life easier for our agents and that is why we are partnered with Flywire to streamline the international payment process. Flywire allows you to pay securely from any country and bank, typically in your home currency.
Flywire offers an innovative and streamlined way to make international payments. It’s fast, simple and cost effective. Take a look below to see how they do it.

Step 1: Choose your country and the amount you are paying in GBP.
Step 2: Choose your payment method. Make your payment to Flywire.
Step 3: Enter your details and those of the students you are paying for.
Step 4: Track and confirm your payment by email, SMS or by logging into:

For more information, please contact Sally Kanan or feel free to call us.

NEW History Tours Course (Age 35+)

Our new History Tours course for ages 35 and above, combines’ visits to our local historical areas of beauty with tuition suited to your level.

The main focus is on spoken English but we also teach grammar, listening, reading and pronunciation. Lessons on British life and culture are also included. As part of your course and learning experience you will also have the opportunity to visit local historical landmarks and beauty spots with your new friends from the History Tours group. We are close to medieval towns, like Christchurch, and cities such as Winchester and Salisbury. Of course, we also have the beach for some beautiful evening walks to end your busy day.

Improve your English with interactive morning lessons and in the afternoon see the sights of our local areas of beauty. From indulging in a delicious cream tea in the New Forest National Park to exploring the historical Jurassic Coast, the History Tours course has much to offer during the 2 weeks of your stay.



Stella – Chinese student questions feedback

StellaStella, 29, Guang Zhou

Stella is one of the long term Chinese student group leaders who is learning English as well. We asked her what she thought of the school, here are her answers:

How did you hear about Southbourne School of English?

“I heard about SSE from the school I teach at in Guang Zhou.”

Why are you studying English?

“I’m studying English to further develop it as I am an English teacher in Guang Zhou, I love English.”

Why do you like the school?

“Everybody is just so nice and also the location is perfect for students, having a beach so near is so special to them because the nearest beach to Guang Zhou is 2 hours away and it isn’t as clean and beautiful.”

How long are you studying for?

“We are studying for 6 months!”

What are your host family like?

“My family are amazing, they are so considerate.”

Joy – Thai student questions feedback

Joy  Joy, 39, Roiet


Joy is one of our Thai student group leaders who is also studying English herself! We asked her what she thought of the school, here are her answers:

How did you hear about Southbourne School of English?

“I heard about SSE from an agent in Thailand, UCE Bangkok. I teach at a school that is a test centre for these agents.”

Why are you studying English?

“I’m learning English to develop it, as I am an English teacher in my country, I teach basic English but I would like to be able to teach more advanced.”

Why do you like the school?

“I am most impressed by the nationality mix. It is a great opportunity for my students and I to learn about other countries, as well as England. With so many different nationalities, this is perfect. I also love the trips that the school organise, especially Bath. It gives my students a chance to understand the culture of native speakers and also to give them a chance to test their English.”

How long are you studying for?

“We are studying for 7 weeks.”

What are your host family like?

“Maggie is my host mother and she is very nice, she makes me feel like part of the family. She knows that as I am Thai, that I love Thai food, therefore she caters to me and makes these dishes. She also calls me to check if I am ok, she is very considerate.”

Denise – Argentinian student questions feedback

deniseDenise, 18, Argentina

Denise is one of our long term Argentinian students! We decided to ask her some questions about her opinion on the school, here are her answers:

How did you hear about Southbourne School of English?

“I went to Southbourne School of English 5 years ago, when I was 13. Now, 5 years later I’ve decided to come back as I love the school!”

Why are you studying English?

“I’m studying English in preparation for my FCE and also because I love the language, it is international and useful for jobs in Argentina and elsewhere.”

Why do you like the school?

“I love the school because it is like a big family, everyone is so friendly and we all know each other by our first names.”

How long are you studying for?

“I’m studying for a whole year! I’ve been studying for 4 months now, it is going so quickly.”

What are your host family like?

“I’m actually staying with the same host family from 5 years ago, because of this I have felt so comfortable living in England from when I arrived.”

Seyda – Turkish student questions feedback

Seyda Seyda, 24, Trabzon


Seyda is one of the Turkish students currently studying at Southbourne School of English, we decided to ask her a few questions about her opinion on the school. Here are her answers:

How did you hear about Southbourne School of English?

“I heard about Southbourne School of English from my friend (Melvüde) who came to the school in 2015. She recommended it to me because she had studied there before, in fact, so had her sister, she said it was a great school!”

mevlude Melvüde at the school in 2015!

Why are you studying English?

“I’m studying an IELTS English course in preparation for my exam in June. I need the IELTS certificate for my masters in Maths & Statistics and my future career.”

Why do you like the school?

“I love this school because everyone is so friendly and because it is fairly small it means that everyone knows everyone, this means we all have a very personal relationship.”

How long are you studying for?

“I’m studying for 6 months altogether, until August.”

What are your host family like?

“My host family are amazing and were so welcoming from the first day. My host mother is like my real mother now, and her daughters are now the sisters I never had. We often play in the garden for hours, we all get along so well.”


10 Tip Top Troubling Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters are a fun way of practicing your pronunciation and experimenting with different words. These ten tip top troubling tongue twisters are sure to mix up your mouth!

1. Seventy-seven benevolent elephants.

2. She had shoulder surgery.

3. She sees cheese.

4. One smart fellow, he felt smart. Two smart fellows, they felt smart.

Three smart fellows, they felt smart. Four smart fellows, they felt smart.

Five smart fellows, they felt smart. Six smart fellows, they felt smart.

5. Fresh fried fish,

Fish fresh fried,

Fried fish fresh,

Fish fried fresh.

6. She sells seashells by the seashore.

The seashells she sells are seashells she is sure.

7. Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry, Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry…

8. No nose knows like a gnome’s nose knows

9. Each Easter Eddie eats eighty Easter eggs.

10. A proper cup of coffee from a proper copper coffee pot.

The Use of Hyperbole

Hyperbole /hʌɪˈpəːbəli/ – over exaggerating a statement to emphasise the meaning and purpose of it.

Examples of hyperbole:

“I’ve told you a thousand times.” – this person most likely hasn’t told them one thousand times, but it is used to give a sense of urgency due to the receiver not doing what they’ve asked in the past.

“My feet are killing me.” – it is quite unlikely that this person’s feet are killing them, but it is used to emphasise the feeling of discomfort they have in their feet.

my feet are killing me hyperbole

“I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse. – used to show others that this person is feeling very hungry – not to be taken literally.

so hungry I could eat a horse hyperbole

“He was the coldest person in the world.” – a superlative used to emphasise how cold this person is.

The use of hyperbole appears in every day chat, as well as in adverts, comedy and entertainment industries. Its main purpose is to outline the emotion felt in a statement – exaggerating it to make it clear to the reader or listener.

Hyperbole has also been used in literature for many centuries, for example, heroic dramas where the emphasis is on power and magnificence, often use the hyperbole to boost the epic nature of the genre.

Adverts often contain hyperbole in an attempt to persuade the customer that the product/service is something that they need.

Hyperbole is the best thing ever (see what I did there?).

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