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All of you, I am sure know Becky, our former welfare officer here at the school. She is now in Panama learning Spanish and will be in Costa Rica and Nicaragua – lucky girl!
While at Nicaragua, she will be helping build homes for poor people. Please see her message below and lend a helping hand and build a home for someone in need.
Becky 1
MESSAGE – ‘Hi Everyone! I am going to volunteer with a project called 4 walls in Nicaragua for 4 weeks in January. I have funded the trip myself and any donations go straight to the charity to buy the bricks for the house. 4 Walls provides safe and stable homes for families living in extreme poverty in El Sauce, Nicaragua. Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Americas, along with Guatemala and Honduras. Volunteers work alongside a member of the family (who needs the house) and Nicaraguan builders to build brick houses with secure doors and protection from outside. 100% of all donations for this project go straight into buying the materials for the houses and paying the Nicaraguan builders. The cost for one house is below:
$10 = a bag of cement

$15 = 100 bricks
$75 = enough bricks for a wall
$100 = a door
$400 = a roof
$2000 = a whole house – takes 2 weeks to complete 1 house (incl. wages for a Nicaraguan bricklayer)

Becky 2If anyone wants to donate, you can give either put it in the envelope or give it to Oriana. She will then transfer it to me before I go to Nicaragua. Every little helps if anyone would like to contribute a few pounds toward the house that would be amazing. More information about the project can be found on:

I will keep you posted with photos of the improvements. Thank you for your support’!

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night
Remember, remember the fifth of November
– Bournemouth and Poole’s skyline will be lit ablaze on Bonfire Night when the largest free firework display in Dorset takes place.
Bonfire Night a.k.a. Fireworks Night, a.k.a Guy Fawkes Night, traditionally marks the anniversary of the end of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party!

Halloween Image
Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party!
Now’s the time to show off your pumpkin carving talent and creativity at Southbourne School of English Bournemouth  “BOO”tiful Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Student Feedback

Gaia P., Sara G., Margherita M., Kiara S.

This experience has been instructive from many points of view:

– Linguistic one: everyone learned to manage with the language and to master it better
– Relational one: we interacted with people of other nationalities with different cultures and traditions
– Emotional one: we have become more responsible because we were independent, we adapted to the family routines and felt at ease despite living in a new setting surrounded by strangers
Even though it was a study holiday, we had a really good time.
We shopped, especially at Primark and Abercrombie, ate junk food, had unforgettable experiences with shop keepers, plane tickets and the London underground, drank coffee at Starbucks.
We shopped at Tesco and Sainsbury, we ate the Neapolitan pizza in Southbourne, the pork pies, sandwiches and the brave ones even fruit.
We spent many afternoons on the beach and some of us dared to bath in the ocean. Having known new classmates we can say we came back enriched.

Student Testimonial by Gaia P., Sara G., Margherita M., Kiara S.

Mix and Mingle

Yet another successful mix and mingle thanks to Alison. The students had a great time socialising whilst practicing their spoken English.

Half of the school at a time made their way to the meeting room, where they were asked to approach each other and start a conversation. Although there were a lot of shy students at the beginning, after half an hour they were all chatting happily. What a great experience!

Now, none of them should be frightened of work conferences where they might have to speak in English to people they are meeting for the first time. It was also useful practice for the students who are facing their First Exam speaking test either this evening or next Thursday!

Please see photos on our Facebook page – link available on our homepage or click here.


IMG_0207 IMG_0205 IMG_0201 IMG_0200

Thank You Letters

Dear Sally,

Happy Friday 🙂 Hope you’re doing fine?

I just wanted to forward you a fantastic feedback we received from Mr. Krech:

He was very enthusiastic about his host family – he said this was the best one he ever lived in so far 🙂

Further he was really happy with the school again. He pointed out  that he especially enjoyed classes with your new teacher Hannah. In his words: She is fantastic!

He really liked her methods, how she treated her students very individually and with how much effort and commitment she taught.

A huge thanks to the Southbourne school of English team for making our client so happy again!

Have a super weekend.

Best wishes,

Viktoria at Sprachdirekt


Dear Sally,

As you may know, I’ll be taking a break in my professional activities at Insight-Lingua for the upcoming months. And I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your support, advice and help over the past 15 years))) It’s been a real privilege to have worked with such exceptional colleague!

I hope that our paths will continue to cross, and wish you continued success and happiness.

Kind regards and very best wishes,

Anna Boreva (Partner Agent)


Dear Julie and Kevin,

I would just like to thank you for being such a great host family. Juan keeps telling us about how warmly you treated him during his stay in England. Seriously, he goes on about what fun it was to be with you, that you talked to the boys during mealtimes, and that the food was was great. On arrival he did not feel very confident about his English, this has been his first time in England on his own. He experienced a cultural, and no doubt, linguistic shock but you made it very mild for him. Again, thank you so much. I bet Southbourne School students cannot find a better host family than you.

It was a great pleasure to meet you, thanks for the tea. It was real kind of you to ask me in for a chat. If you ever happen to visit Spain, and have the opportunity to come to Burgos, we would be delighted to see you again. You are welcome into our home. Just let us know.

Best wishes

Ana Mercado (Juan’s mum)

Group Leader Feedback

Group Leader Feedback

Attila, the group leader, called me this morning to say thank you for the wonderful time they had with you in Bournemouth, last week.

I am very pleased to pass on this positive feedback, with my own thanks for the kind cooperation.

With best regards,



Group Leader Feedback

I want to say thank you very much for being such a nice school for my young children. They liked everything and were happy to tell their parents about it. The teachers were the best, the host families also the best, activity staff was very helpful and patient with my children. Furthermore, your school staff is very well qualified and it is a pleasure to deal with such people as Sally(she personally did a great job), Sonia and others.

Gulfara, The GL kept me informed every other week what they had done and when I used to come to the school on Tuesdays I saw the children were busy which is very important.

So, I am very thankful to you and to the staff. Hope next year we can have more children.

All the best



Special Offer

S offer image

For all courses which start and finish between the dates August 31st and December 20th 2015.

****Discount of 10% on all tuition for any course (including examination and 50+ courses)****

One week bookings still incur the one week book fee, and the discount cannot be applied to any other existing offers.

This special offer will run throughout the period for any new bookings; there are no deadlines for bookings. The course must be completed by December 20th.

Farewell to our group from Oman!

Omani Group 5

Omani Group 1DSCF1815Omani Group 4 Omani Group 2
Farewell to our group from Oman!

After 3 months at Southbourne School of English Bournemouth, our two Ahmeds, Tariq, Said and Yaqoob are obviously looking forward to going home to their families. At their Farewell Party, though, they showed just how much progress they had made while they have been here as they entertained their guests.

We are going to miss these wonderful students very much and we wish them all the best of luck for their futures.

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