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Mix and Mingle

There are four main reasons for learning English in Bournemouth, England:
1) To pass an exam
2) To be able to speak to customers and colleagues at work
3) To be able to study at an English-speaking university
4) To be able to speak to people from other countries in a language all of those people understand.

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This morning students at our school, Southbourne School of English Bournemouth, got to mix and mingle and had the chance to practise their ‘small talk’ skills when the whole school got together in one room. They had to speak to people who weren’t in their class and who didn’t share the same native language.

It’s not always easy to go up to somebody and start speaking English, but nerves soon disappeared and everybody got down to the task of getting to know each other.

The teachers looked on proudly as their students showed what they could do in speaking. After this, the ‘family’ feel of the school should be even stronger – there’s no excuse not to be speaking English in any break because everybody knows each other now!
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