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The Bournemouth RALSA Halloween Ball

IMG_0925 IMG_0929 IMG_0933 IMG_0938 IMG_0943 IMG_0955’Tis now the very witching time of night, When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out Contagion to this world.

— William Shakespeare

On Thursday the 21st October a rumble could be heard at Southbourne School of English. After a heavy night of rainfall the ground was disturbed, the skies cleared and the clouds broke to expose an eerie full moon.

All just in time for the zombies of the night to be unearthed and released to crawl their way to the English Language Schools annual charity event; The RALSA Halloween Ball. No one knew that so many bodies had been hidden under the front lawn of Southbourne School of English. No wonder Italo and Paul always tried to keep the lawn so well-manicured.. it held some deadly secrets of students who didn’t use the language laboratory enough!!

Out of the soggy maggot infested earth the head of the zombies Captain Holly Hungry of the infamous ghost Pirates of the Caribbean crawled out gasping for the taste of fresh blood. She was closely followed by her ever cunning and calculated vampire temptress Sonia Mortician Addams. They had plans for the Southbourne School of English mob to infiltrate the annual RALSA ball where the Mayor Of Bournemouth; Dr Rodney Cooper, was to make an appearance in aid of raising money for local charities.

Together the 20 strong Zombie crew made their presence felt at Cameo and everyone trembled . The Mayor appreciated Southbourne School of English awaking from their tombs and interviewed Mohammed ‘Skeleton’ Alfaifi in person for the mob’s demands. Mohammed told the Mayor that he would simply like warn everyone that Southbourne School Of English made students learn a lot of grammar and vocabulary and if they didn’t… dum dum dum. The Mayor was fearful and told all students to study hard and thanked them all for the money they helped to raise and the Prize of an i Tunes voucher that the school gave towards the raffle.

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