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Students on Adult Courses

Rocio Gazquez Santos

I’ve been coming here since I was ten and I think that this is one of the best school to have fun and learn English. Teachers are very friendly, help you in everything you need and once a week they could give you a questionnaire to know if you are happy or not. The leader activities always tell you the best place to visit, the bus driver is so funny and he is always talking to you.

Personally my teacher Jane is very friendly and funny. She ask us every day how we are and in class she do very interesting activities to learn better and faster.

Needless to say the reception, accommodation office and academic office have the best people I’ve ever meet. They always ask if you need something, help you when you need and the most important for me is they always do it with a smile.

Lukas Braumiller

The atmosphere at school was great.

The sea, a nice city, parties and a lot of pubs. All I could wish and more!

I had a lot of fun during the lessons and highly improved my English. Especially my spoken English became very good.

You can’t study there without having a great time and a lot of new friends. These four weeks I spent there were kind of the best four weeks I ever had.

The family was really kind and helped whenever I had a problem. Actually I didn’t suppose English dishes to be yummy, but theirs were really great!

Whenever there was an excursion, I took the opportunity to attend. I loved them, as they were funny and educative at the same time.

I really like you guys! I hope I’ll be able to come back.


I’d like to thank everybody for giving me the opportunity of studying here, meeting people, improving my English and so on. I managed to become very gregarious, and became friends with almost every student, with the teachers, the people in reception and the office.

Thanks to the school and the people in it. I could say I found myself, because before coming here I was very shy, now I’m not afraid of meeting new people, and I can’t still believe that 4 years ago I was in elementary and now I’m in advanced which is the highest level, I could say “I started from the bottom, now I’m here”.

One of the things that I like about the school; the teachers, the teachers are friendly, they’ll always try to do their best to teach you and to help you with whatever you need, sometimes they become more friends rather than teachers.

The hardest part of being here for too long, is that I have to say goodbye to a lot of people that I love. In resume, the school teach you not just grammar or listening or writing, they also teach you how to get along with people, so they help you spiritually, they help you to improve yourself rather than just learn one language. I wish I could stay here more, because the school has become my home, and I owe everything to the school, the teachers and my friends, because of them, I can say that finally I found myself and the reason for why I’m here in this world.

Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime, now I’m looking forward to go back home, go to university and then come back to Bournemouth because now I’m in love with this city.

Emil Bormetti

The Southbourne School of English is very good! The school is located in a quiet area of Southbourne, near Bournemouth center and near the sea.

The courses are very interesting and the time passes very fast! All the teachers are very nice and pleasant. They help to improve our English using different activities and exercises.

There are a lot of people from other countries, with different cultures and different habits. Every weekend the school organises excursions to nice places in England with the teacher Neil!

The receptionist helps the students for anything! For any question!

The time that I spent  in this school was fantastic!


The school is very well equipped with a good environment. Great place, quiet, well organised with marvellous people who are very efficient.

Studying at Southbourne school has been awesome, because this is my first time abroad to study. The school activities were an amazing experience with a lot of short trips.

My accommodation was fantastic – great family and a comfortable home.


I am so over the moon that several months ago I made up my mind to come to this school. Now I am sure that I’ll go back home with not only a luggage full of new clothes and postcards but also a wealth of useful English knowledge.

I like my teacher (Jane) very much, the atmosphere in class was very easy and friendly. The classes are interesting and broaden your mind and prepare you to face challenges while doing very difficult but useful exercises on grammar, enjoyable conversations and help improve your speaking. I appreciate every minute I spend here and with local people, I enjoy their politeness, patience and friendliness. In addition, I can’t help admiring the views and landscape of this city. This trip (of only 2 weeks) makes me feel like coming back here again one day.

Despite the fact that I have an advanced level, I am absolutely sure there are plenty of things and useful tips that I can learn in the future.

I wish teachers in Southbourne school could share some experiences with the teachers of my country.

I am very happy to be a part of this school.

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