COVID - Keeping Safe at School

Living in a world with COVID, it is now even more important for us all to take extra precautions in order to stay safe and healthy. On your arrival, we will give you our usual friendly welcome from reception and accommodation but without physical contact and at a safe distance.

Click here for more information on Coronavirus from the UK National Health Service (NHS)

Here are a few things we are doing as a school and we kindly ask you to comply with whilst studying here, to prevent the spread of COVID and make it a comfortable environment for everyone.

wash hands

Hand sanitiser at all entry points and exit points to the building and in all classrooms. Lots of signs to remind everyone to use hand sanitiser and to wash their hands regularly


Temperature check on arrival each day

wear masks

Masks worn when moving around school

social distance

Each student has their own desk space and their own course book


Clear signs and tape showing which way to move around the building


Different start times to give everyone plenty of space at break time

follow direction

Two staircases: one for going up and one for coming down

outdoor seating

An outdoor area for breaks when the weather is good

keep clean

Classrooms are cleaned and sanitised at the end of each day

school ventilation

Good ventilation in classrooms and throughout the school

We ask that you please do not come to school if you feel ill

Please phone the school on 01202 422300

All COVID precautions are reviewed every 3 weeks and following any new government recommendations