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I enjoyed my stay and liked my English classes. They allowed me to think and discuss about individual and social issues. Some of these discussions impacted me a lot (in a positive way). They also helped me to understand where I stand and what I can do to improve.

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Annika and Linda

Studying at Southbourne School of English was great! Lovely teachers, good place to learn. The school is located close to the sea and the high street with all the shops and restaurant.

The courses are great, good books, a perfect place to do a real First Certificate Exam training course!

The accommodation

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I am Imeda, from Georgia. It was my first visit to the UK, it is a great country. I have been at Southbourne School of English for 4 weeks. The school has the best teachers and this school is very good, I will miss all the lovely and friendly people.

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The school was excellent for me! It is my fourth time to come to Southbourne School of English, I have been studying here for two months now and I love it. The course is one of the best I have ever been on before, the classes are excellent and

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Attending lessons at Southbourne School was one of the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I got to know not only things I had never heard of or read before, but I also learnt a lot of cultural tips and everyday language you can’t find in books! Teachers were

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I like this School because it is quite modern; every class has heating or air conditioning. You can use internet in the Cafeteria or Wi-Fi, you can also borrow books from the school library – definitely many things that make the course nicer.

I like the variety of courses that you

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Everybody from the school is really welcoming when I arrived 7 months ago, I was a little scared because I couldn’t speak English but finally all the teachers make you feel confident and comfortable. Making friends with people from the whole world is the most rewarding experience of my life.


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I would like to say thank you for the amazing time I had in England. I enjoyed every day at school. The teachers were lovely and very helpful before, during and after the course lessons and I have the impression that I learned a lot in my 5 weeks at

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Studying at Southbourne School of English was a great experience.

I’d like to come back again. I learned a lot and I’d like to spend more time here.

All the people here have been really kind and nice. Good quality of teaching, you’ll improve your English in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.


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On the first day, the staff of Southbourne School of English received me, and the other students, with big smiles and in a very polite way. I’m really happy in the school!
I like the way our teachers treat us and teach us the subject matter. In my opinion, classes are

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