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An exchange is the best way to learn a new language, especially when you are at a good school. Southbourne School of English is the best place for learning English; all the teachers are qualified and attentive with the students. It’s easier to learn when it’s done with pleasure; in

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I have lived an incredible experience studying at the Southbourne School of English. I’ve never imagined finding such a warm and comfortable place with a wonderful and friendly staff always ready to help you.

The school is very well organized; the classrooms are all equipped with the latest technology. There’s also

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I have met many dedicated teachers and staff who are extremely friendly, they have been there to help whenever we needed it. The school provides students with many useful facilities, like an internet cafe, library and a language lab.

The location is a beautiful suburb area beside the sea. The weather

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I like the school, I like my teachers, the staff, the classroom, everything. Excellent. The location was nice.

Southbourne School of English, the best! I’d like to come back again, I hope soon. I learned a lot and I’d like to spend more time here. I think that my host family

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I’m sure this has been the best experience of my life, I could learn a lot of English (grammar, vocabulary, writing, listening, etc). All the people here have been really kind and nice. I’m sure that I’ll come back again (when I’ll have the money hahaha)… I love all my

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What I love about this school is the teachers. All of them are lovely!

I’ve been at the school for 3 years as a student and I enjoyed all the classes.

Studying at the school was very nice. I met people from many different countries all the time. The coastal location of

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The teachers are kind, friendly, and funny. If you know your weak point, you should ask the teachers and they’ll help you to improve it.

We can borrow books from the library, and the language lab is fantastic because there are many kinds of listening practice and there is a teacher

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Studying at Southbourne School of English was a great experience. I’ve learned a lot about the language and English culture. Besides that I’ve made really good friends.
Good quality of teaching, you’ll definitely improve your English in a friendly and familiar atmosphere. You’ll find helpful and nice teachers and staff. Up

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I love the location, because it’s easy to reach. Bus station right around the corner. In a quiet residential area, restaurant and shops just about 5 minutes away by foot.

The classrooms are equipped with the newest technology, there is a good cafeteria with friendly staff and a computer room for

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The school location is good. It is near the beach and the bus station. The courses are very good and I make friends and talk to many people. My favourite teachers are Mike and Ami.
The reception is very nice and friendly.

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