10 top tips to make sure you get the most from studying at Southbourne!

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  1. Make friends from different nationalities – this teaches you about new cultures and helps improve your English the most!
  2. Eat British food at your host families and in British restaurants – in our previous blog we spoke about the best traditional British food, take a look at this and make sure you try these!
  3. Speak English 24/7 – it is simple, the more you speak English, the faster you will pick it up!
  4. Travel and go on excursions – travel around the local areas and make sure you go on our excursions to places like London, Winchester and Oxford! You will be able to understand British culture and see amazing new towns and cities.
  5. Go to your classes (100% attendance if possible) – you are here to learn! So use your time here and make sure you don’t skip any classes unless you are really ill (we know you’re lying when you say you’re ill on the phone after a heavy night out).
  6. Ask questions and speak to us – we are here to help, if you have any questions then ask us! We don’t bite. Here’s where to go to get your answers for certain questions:
    1. Classes – Accommodation Office
    2. Health – Welfare Office
    3. Bookings/Excursions – Reception or the Activity Office
  7. Watch English TV/Movies – if you watch English TV/Movies, add the subtitles and learn movie spoken word! You may pick up some brand new words!
  8. Carry a dictionary around! – it can sometimes be very useful to have a dictionary on hand to look up a word you are unsure of!
  9. Read English News – keep up to date with current affairs AND learn lots of English!
  10. Have a great time and go out a lot! Make sure you go out with your friends and have a great time, make some memories and come back with improved English!

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